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Welcome to the world of yoga. My personal yoga studio aims to make yoga accessible to everyone. I believe that regular yoga will change your health and quality of life for the better. It's about harmonizing body and mind step by step and relaxing effectively. Harmony and balance are achieved through (breathing) exercises and meditation. Regular training can compensate for muscular weaknesses and improve performance. The exercises promote a better body awareness, good sleep and help against stress and anxiety. You want to learn more? Come over!

Yogaraum mit Spiegel
Wüste Negev, Israel
Wüste, Israel

Yve Azzoni

In 2013/14 I worked in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam for a Swiss production in sales and marketing. I was overwhelmed by Vietnam, the people and my work. The only refuge for some rest was a newly opened yoga studio nearby. I knew yoga from Switzerland and was never really a fan, but I tried it. In the end I went to classes for almost 2 years in the morning and in the evening for one hour. I thank Vyoga World by Master Vishaw and Guru who inspired me to continue. From 2019 - 2022 I have studied yoga at the Yoga Centre Villeret. My interests are yoga therapy, nutrition and well-being 50 plus. 



Yoga Therapy Studio
Yve Azzoni

Baurstrasse 30, 8008 Zürich

Tel: +4143 499 9676


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